How to be a Market Vendor

Wednesdays might be the most popular day at the University of Miami. Why? It’s the campus’s weekly farmer’s market, of course! Strolling through the crowded rows of vendors, taking in all of the delicious smells might be a great study break. But, have you ever wondered how these people actually started selling here? Many of our clients at The Launch Pad all had the same question regarding how to get one of the highly sought after vendor spots. So, we took it upon ourselves to do a little research, and here’s what we found:

The UM farmer’s market is run by The Market Company, which manages other farmer’s markets at over 8 different locations. Claire Tomlin is the woman in charge of all of these markets, and the main person to get in contact with. Currently, all of the spots for the UM market are filled. However, there may be openings at some of the other locations if you speak to Claire. The Market Company is looking for product-based businesses, primarily food, that will be a complement to the other offerings at the market. If you would like to get started visit for more information. Good luck!