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The Launch Pad Mentor Network: Bringing you the guidance you need.

We’ve created an array of mentorship programs to cultivate curiosity and inspire growth for all entrepreneurs.

Our Programs


The Launch Pad’s team of student and staff consultants are trained to help you work through your business challenges. Whether you’re just getting started and need help validating your business concept, or have been at it for a while and need help growing and scaling your business, The Launch Pad can help.

We consult in the following areas:


For agribusiness startups seeking advice regarding sustainability, cost structure, and growth across the agribusiness value chain.

(B2B) Business Services

Supporting the exchange of products, and breaking the barriers between business interactions conducted between two companies.

Fashion & Beauty

Strategize ways to gain a competitive edge in the industry and stay ahead of trends and patterns while promoting strong brand values.


Learn to apply skills to improve the delivery of government services or initiatives at a local, regional, or national level.


Assess and improve logistical procedures within the startup while creating strategies to effectively carry out operations.


Create a customer-centric initiative while working with suppliers and retailers to solve complex mobility problems.

Real Estate

Analyze the market to stay ahead of the competition in dealing with residential, commercial, and industrial real estate.

Commerce / DTC

Mold a business model to effectively sell to consumers through a variety of mediums and understand their marketplace.


Improve learning practices while creating a growth strategy to overcome structural barriers in the higher education environment.


Work to improve practices revolving around banking, wealth management, policy, and financial sustainability.


Delve into the competitive healthcare environment pertaining to pharmaceuticals, medical practices, and healthcare services.


Understand the media and entertainment world to identify opportunities and find the most effective promotion strategies.


Strategize the best fundraising and organizational practices while staying within the regulations of a non-profit.


Personalize a unique customer experience to increase retention and attract new customers while staying ahead in the industry.


Accelerate innovation and develop strong supply chains strategies to create a sustainable plan of operation and execution.

(B2C) Consumer Services

Effectively sell and promote to the single buyer, while learning how to maximize customer engagement in a niche marketplace.

Food & Beverage

Create menus, marketing campaigns, and promotional materials. Conduct market research to ensure a profitable restaurant.


Understand medical devices and digital capabilities in the healthcare world to ensure competitiveness in the medical industry.


Understand the processes behind software and hardware development and technology services from conception to reality.


Learn to identify and correct behavioral problems, overcome ethical dilemmas and assist in strategizing the best correctional methods.

What We Can Help With

  • Financial Models
  • Lean Startup
  • Lean Canvas/business model canvas
  • Idea validation & feasibility
  • How to find a product idea
  • Business model development
  • Business plan review
  • Fundraising basics
  • Marketing strategy
  • Product development help
  • Pitch guidance
  • General business strategy

Note The Launch Pad is not able to provide legal help (contract review, copyright filing, patent search/filing, trademark filing, incorporation help, etc.). For legal support please reach out to the UM Startup Law Practicum or the Venture Law project


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