Joya Lahoud

Venture Consultant & Project Lead

Joya Lahoud is a first generation sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Her future goals are to attend graduate school, get her PhD, and have her own private practice. Joya’s goals of owning a practice is where her love for Entrepreneurialship stems from. Not only does this motivate her but allows her to see and understand all the hard work that comes before reaching this goal. Joya believes that hard work and determination is the true key to a successful business.

Outside of work, Joya is a Research Assistant at the Program for Anxiety, Stress, and OCD Lab. She also holds a Human Resources Employee Experience position at Orange Umbrella Miami. In addition, she is also on the EBoard for the schools UCook club, where she takes her passion for baking and cooking and applies it to her position, Social Philanthropy Chair.