Ustina Molyanova

Venture Consultant & Project Lead

Ustina is currently pursuing a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship at the University of Miami. She aspires to establish her own Venture Capital firm in the future. To gain practical experience, she worked as a Summer Associate at Florida Funders, where she carefully analyzed more than 90 startups. Ustina’s passion for entrepreneurship and consulting grew during her involvement with The Launch Pad. Her objective is to offer clients a fresh and unique perspective, while simultaneously guiding them through the process of business creation.

Alongside her entrepreneurial pursuits, Ustina serves as a Program Manager for Project Destined, a real estate internship program that aims to help students gain tangible knowledge, seek out job opportunities, as well as connect with seasoned professionals in the industry. At the University of Miami, Ustina holds the position of Vice President in the Canes Finance Association, where she actively contributes to the organization’s activities and initiatives while highlighting the positive impact of mentorship.