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Sales Acceleration Method – Workshop Series

Dick Mcdonald

Hosted by Entrepreneur In Residence Richard McDonald.

Richard MacDonald, Jr. is an internationally experienced practice founder and business leader who has successfully led digital transformation programs for multi-national companies around the world as a consulting partner at PwC and consulting executive at Cisco Systems.

Richard co-founded PwC’s Communications Industry consulting practice in the U.S. and grew that practice to $200 million in three years.  During this time Richard became a partner and was assigned client service partner for Verizon.  He then co-founded PwC’s Market & Customer Management consulting practice in the U.S. and grew that practice to over $100 million in three years.  He then moved to Hong Kong and founded PwC’s Asia Pacific Market & Customer Management consulting practice, and grew that practice to $53 million in two years.  After ten years, in 2002, Richard and his fellow partners had an exit when they sold PwC Consulting to IBM for $3.5 billion.

Richard later joined Cisco System as head of global accounts consulting where he led several large, complex digital transformation programs for companies such as State Farm and American Express.

Currently Richard is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of Miami, and for the past two years, has been an instructor and mentor at 500 Startups, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley.  At 500 Startups Richard teaches various courses in its Growth Accelerator

Episode 1: Achieving Product Market Fit

Understanding Product Market Fit is critical to knowing if you’re going on the right path. In this lecture we explore what that means and how to know if you’ve found it.

Episode 2: Determining your target customer

Understanding who your customer SHOULD be is just as critical as understanding how to sell to them.

Episode 3: Developing the value proposition

Developing the value proposition of your business is a critical component to crafting sensible and effective marketing strategies.

Episode 4: Defining who your buyers are and how to reach them

Following last week’s episode, this week we continue crafting the right buyer personas.

Episode 5: What story do you tell your buyers and how do you activate them

What story do you tell your buyers and how do you activate them is the last in our series on Sales Acceleration. Join us to learn more about how to grow your business by being smart about what your buyers want.