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I get crazy looks when people find out that I’m both a law student and an entrepreneur. It’s perhaps the most stressful thing I’ve done to date. Balancing the demands of my J.D. curriculum with the demands of starting a business is quite the challenge. You wonder sometimes why someone would put themselves through such madness. However, being a student entrepreneur does have its perks.

  • Consulting: I don’t know what I would do without the University of Miami’s The Launch Pad. It’s a great resource at any time during the startup phase. The Launch Pad is right on campus where all the action takes place. You can schedule your meetings in between your classes or right after and never miss a beat.
  • User Base: Being part of a university community means access to a massive group of young people to acquire idea validation, test your product, and gain feedback. Your user base constantly surrounds you; in class, before, and after it.
  • Networking: Universities in general are massive networking hubs. The opportunities to build your network are limitless. Consider not only your classmates for insight, but also your professors. The relationships I’ve built with faculty and classmates at the UM School of Law have opened doors for me that I wouldn’t have imagined.

The best time to start your first company is while you’re still in school. Don’t be afraid to balance and make some sacrifices. Finally, don’t ever let your classes get in the way of your learning.