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Our History

A community of 5,000+ UM entrepreneurs bringing ideas to life

Our Story.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit at the University of Miami, the demand to create a space where ideas could flourish arose. So with the help of Dr. Bill Green (former Vice Provost of Student Affairs) and Dr. Susan Amat the office of The Launch Pad was created. Since then our office has evolved to reflect and inspire the future innovators of the U.



The first launchpad in the country was started in 2008 by Dr. William Green & Dr. Susan Amat at the University of Miami.


Expanded Nationally

Through a partnership with the Blackstone Foundation, The Launch Pad model was licensed and distributed to colleges across the country.


Canes Venture Network

Partnered with MHBS & COE. The Launch Pad launched its first cross-campus mentorship program. Concluded in 2018.

Joined UInnovation

The Launch Pad moved to UInnovation to help grow cross-university entrepreneurship initiatives.



Skylab was a coworking space established at The University of Miami. Skylab Closed in 2020.


Women Making Moves

Woman Making Moves is a mentorship group offering support for female entrepreneurs.



Radar is a mentorship group that connects mentees with UM alumni for specialized startup support.


New Space

Our new office and co-working space officially opened in July 2023.

Our Pillars

Our core values play an important role in the work that we do. They’re the guiding principles for the decisions we make and the basis upon which we operate. Everything we do stems from our three pillars:

Advocate, Create, Educate

Connecting people and ideas


Our office is committed to recognizing & representing the startup community within the University of Miami by building bridges and opportunities. By merging many ways of approaching the needs of entrepreneurs we’ve created a unique building hub.

  • MVP Showcase
  • UM Influencer Roundtable
  • Startups Connect

Opening pathways for exploration


We believe by paving the way for creative expression you connect the essential interworkings of a thriving startup ecosystem, both academically and within the Miami community. The spark of entrepreneurship comes from the urge to contribute an original take on a concept. This methodology is what we are founded on.

Nurturing curious minds


We understand our impact is felt beyond our initial interaction with our clients, so we focus on the ways in which the concepts and approaches we take can be used over time. As the entrepreneur grows so should their knowledge base.

  • Consulting
  • Resource center
  • Skill trainings
  • Startup shadowing