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Services at The Launch Pad

Providing entrepreneurs with the building blocks for success

Startup Consulting

 This is our core method of servicing the startup ecosystem. The individual approach to customized conversations around the needs of our clients. Regardless of their pace or progress, we tailor each meeting to include resources, business methods, and opportunities to help further their venture. Each consultant is trained to support you as an entrepreneur, teaching you the skills to apply business to your venture at any stage. Ensuring you have relevant conversations and tactical action items. After each meeting, a survey is emailed to allow you to guide us in further development of our practice.

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Mentorship Programs

Our mentorship programs are designed with the needs of ventures at many stages. Acting as a complementary opportunity to our 1:1 consulting. Clients are able to showcase, represent, market, and network their venture. Exposure and experience go hand in hand when running a business, The Launch Pad advocates for the representation of startups in the UMiami community. Through these various programs, we are able to allow a range of ventures the opportunity to explore and make their mark.



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Resources & Events

The Launch Pad provides a diverse range of resources and opportunities tailored to startups at every stage. One main effort focuses on hosting an array of events that serve as a dynamic platform for showcasing startups from various industries. These events include pitch competitions, networking mixers, and industry-specific workshops, creating an invaluable space for startups to gain exposure, build connections, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. By fostering this supportive ecosystem, The Launch Pad empowers startups to not only access essential resources but also to thrive and make their mark in the competitive world of innovation and business.

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