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When choosing a device to support many factors come into play. Competitors, bandwidth, life expectancy, and market research. Here are some things to consider when at this step of the process.

  • There are many options in a world where much is going digital. Everything from phones, tablets, smart watches, tvs, and homes.
  • Consider what devices your customers have, what they prefer to use, and what offers the best functionality.
  • Consider (and test) on each device the app might be downloaded on. For example, an iOS app can be downloaded on a few different versions of phones (iPhone 7/8 normal or plus, a and older phones) as well as iPad and iPad mini, so I recommend testing on all of them but optimize for the devices most used by your customers.
  • Determine if there is a benefit to making it so connected smartwatches can control certain functionalities.
  • iOS and screen differences between Android devices can have much greater variance than seen with Apple.
  • For Android, make the UI as flexible as possible to adjust to screen sizes. You can also add optional files to specifically optimize for the most common devices used. For any it still doesn’t work well on, you can prevent from being able to download the app.
  • A lot of the development and flexible UI relies on the developers. In choosing developers, look at their previous apps. What devices do those apps support? How do they look and respond on various devices and OSs? Are there any reviews about bugs?