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My journey as an entrepreneur has been interesting and it’s lead me to many opportunities. Here is the backstory of my venture Oh Snap! ®.


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Escaping The Bubble

Hi, I’m Gabby – I’m 19 years old from Philadelphia, and I guess I can now call myself an entrepreneur.

If my 12-year-old self knew I would invent something, I wouldn’t believe it. I specifically remember watching entrepreneurs pitch their inventions on Shark Tank and thinking, “I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up, but I could never be an entrepreneur.” My 12-year-old self had a daily routine – I went to school, played sports, did homework, and went to bed. Although happy, I was living in a bubble. And like any other kid, I loved to ‘create.’ I especially loved Apple computers. Hours I would spend putting together movies in iMovie with my friends and making songs in GarageBand.

An Idea Is Born

I thought of Oh Snap on a random night in my senior year of high school. I was literally just laying in bed unable to fall asleep, delusional staring at my earrings on my nightstand. I had flashbacks to every pair I’d lost and realized the issue must be bigger than the earring.

That’s when I envisioned these two colorful cubes that would keep my earrings connected; I’d get a good night’s sleep, knowing my earrings were snugged together on my nightstand. I would call this invention: Oh Snap! and went to town on my Notes app.

Then it hit me: someone has GOT to be doing this already. I googled ‘earring backs’ and went through pages and pages of the same cheap, oddly shaped, individual separate pieces. Nothing.

The Email that brought Oh Snap to Life

Oddly enough, a couple of days later, I got an email from my high school about this invention program and immediately submitted my notes and sketches of Oh Snap.

Before I knew it, I was developing my product in a small environment of entrepreneurs and used the high school’s 3D printer to get a prototype made. That summer, I received a patent application pro bono. I was eager to help write, draw, and edit the application.

Oh Snap officially launched in October 2018. I created the website, first initial rounds of packaging and logos, product photos, and videos; I’m doing competitions, going to local gift shows…

Me. An “Entrepreneur”

Of everything I thought I’d be, an entrepreneur was something I always eliminated. I thought entrepreneurship was unstable, risky, and difficult. But Oh Snap is something I’m so passionate about, it’s all worth it.

If my 12-year-old self knew I would invent something, I wouldn’t believe it. But my whole life I spent wanting to try things that granted me the ability to create, which lead me to Oh Snap: The New Earring Back.


I joined The Launch Pad team in September 2020 as their blog writer and I look forward to creating and posting content that reflects all startups!