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State of Container Storage Persistence Mesos, Kubernetes, and Docker

September 28, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Containers rock! They provide a lot of efficiencies in infrastructure deployment by giving developers control and operations consistency. Many of today’s “containers in production” applications are ephemeral and have a short life-span, but what do you do about those containers that store data? Is there such a thing as a “dataless” datacenter? We need the ability to containerize any application whether its a database, key:value store, or that random java app your company built and persist its data. In fact, 7 of the top 10 downloaded Docker containers all need data persistence! However supporting container storage persistence in production, and at scale, is a new activity for most. A lot of innovation in this area has occurred in the container orchestrators with Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Mesos. Recently, the industry has begun working through community and open source to create standards for container storage to facilitate interoperability and user friendliness.
Join us for a presentation, demo and more importantly a discussion led by Josh Bernstein, VP of Innovation and Open Source at Dell EMC, along with the {code} team ( on the state of container storage and approaches to managing persistence for major container orchestrators. And as usual we will have great food and drink.
Josh Bernstein ( ;
Josh is an open source advocate and lifelong technologist. As the VP of Technology for Dell, he’s at the helm of {code}, the open source arm of the organization focused on advancing emerging technologies to support software-based infrastructures. Prior to Dell, Josh ran the Siri Deployment and Infrastructure Architecture team at Apple and took Siri from launch to tens of thousands of servers, deployed in more than a dozen locations worldwide, in under 5 years.


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