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Understand Your Industry

It’s crucial that startup founders become knowledgeable of the industry and market they aim to succeed in. Demonstrating that you are well-versed and well-read in such topics proves your credibility to lead your company. Plus, answering any questions after a pitch or demo will be a breeze if you have done the necessary homework.
With that being said, I have compiled a list of ways that a startup founder can forge their way into becoming an expert of their industry and market, even though the years of experience do not add up to expertise:

Google Alerts: This is a great way to stay in the loop on any major events going on in your industry. Every time your keyword is mentioned in an article, Google sends you the link. I’ve registered dozens of keywords related to my startup’s industry and market. I also recommend registering the names of your competitors. That way, Google can update you anytime your competitors reach a major milestone.

Subscribe to Industry Publications: Subscribing to popular publications that cover your startup’s industry is a great way to get more content to read up on. Industry publications are also a great way to get informed on major changes going on in your industry.

YouTube: Remember, whenever you get tired of reading, you can always browse around YouTube and look for content covering industry related topics. Don’t forget to check if there are related channels that you can subscribe to as well.