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U Innovation is the combination of numerous resources that the University of Miami has to offer in supporting the translation of knowledge and the commercialization of groundbreaking ideas, research discoveries, and innovations that serve to improve the lives of Miami’s local, national, and international communities. These resources include the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), the Wallace H. Coulter Center for Translational Research (WHCC), The LaunchPad, the ‘Cane Angel Network, and Converge Miami.

Office of Tech Transfer: The Office of Technology Transfer, or OTT, helps to assess, license, and commercialize the University of Miami owned innovations through licensure to startups and established businesses.

Wallace H. Coulter Center for Translational Research: The Walter H. Coulter Center (WHCC) for Translational Research is part of the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine (SOM). The SOM promotes translational research in biomedical science and bioengineering by capitalizing on SOM faculty research projects that address an unmet clinical need and have commercial potential.

The Launch Pad: The LaunchPad is the entrepreneurship center for the University of Miami serving all startups from the ‘Canes family whether you are a student, alumni, faculty, or staff member. The LaunchPad is a free resource for life, helping to move ideas forward regardless of the stage. The LaunchPad offers access to educational resources, services, and tools to help you grow your business.

Cane Angel Network: The Cane Angel Networks connects UM affiliated startups with UM affiliated angel members. UM business, law, medical and other graduate students work with a managing director to review submissions and connect the startups to angel members.

Converge Miami: Converge Miami is a 180,000 square foot building that houses startups, established companies, Converge Labs (shared space and equipment for early-stage startups), and key UM programs, including the U Innovation team.