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Starting a business is a difficult process, wrought with all kinds of challenges along the way. Reports show that women end up starting only 20% of all businesses, despite making up a majority of the working population. If you dig deeper you’ll find that an even smaller percentage of business owners are minority female-owned businesses. Supporting women entrepreneurs is critical to the success of our country.

There are over 252 million women entrepreneurs and around 34% of US businesses are women owned!

Who We Are

Women Making Moves aims to build a support program for this largely underrepresented and underserved population. WMM offers mentorship, resources, and a collaborative environment where women can thrive and grow in their businesses. WMM provides women entrepreneurs with a platform through which they can connect, build relationships, and take their business leadership skills to the next level.

To participate in WMM, you must be affiliated with the University of Miami.

  • Commit to weekly meetings 
  • Self-starter who is comfortable working with other entrepreneurs 
  • Motivated individual or team with an entrepreneurial spirit and a team player 
  • Abide by Launchpad’s policies and practices 
  • This opportunity is open to anyone who identifies as a female
  • Impactful resources to drive business results
  • Networking sessions and a variety of topic series
  • Team building experiences in a collaborative environment
  • Mentorship sessions focused on helping students launch their business idea
  • Comprehensive workshops from skill building to scaling 

Applications for our spring cohort will open in January. To fill out an interest form, click here.

  • “I found the experience to be very uplifting. It also encouraged me to be more intentional each week as I had to share my progress with others.    ”
    Anndrina Arne, Business ’23
  • “Having a space where I can listen to others share their progress in their endeavors motivates me to make progress in mine. When left alone, I tend to push action items off, however, this program has inspired me to get the ball rolling and to keep it rolling. Currently, I'm in the planning/preparing phase of my business. When I start during the semester, this program will help me to keep going.”
    Valeria Feliciano, Communications ’23
  • “Sam is such a great mentor. It’s refreshing to have someone who is older than me treat me like an equal like she does. One thing about Sam, she is always there to help whether it be something life changing or even something others would deem insignificant like a disagreement between friends. The support Sam provides is one that I wish to be able to spread to others as I continue to make moves. I’ve had a number of mentors in my life and Sam is the one who’s truly made an impact!”
    Thank you, Sam💖 Ruth C. Rocker – CEO of Chē Collection
  • “Sam is such a supportive force. She has been a cheerleader when I was unsure of my path, as well as, a therapist when I just need an ear to listen. Having her on my team was probably one the best decision I made on my journey so far. Her mentorship helped me to take the first step in the development of my first business venture.  ”
    Nya Eason – Entrepreneur

Meet the Team

Samantha Palmer-Shields
Assistant Director

"On my own I will just create, and if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, I’ll create something else. I don’t have any limitations on what I think I could do or be." - Oprah Winfrey