Extended Mentorship Group

Radar is The Launch Pad at the University of Miami mentorship group. This initiative includes University Alums who were previously trained by The Launch Pad as consultants. Their backgrounds range in many different sectors of the business community. Radar is aimed at serving the thriving startup ecosystem and its many diverse needs. Focusing on the real-time and advanced issues felt by growing entrepreneurs. It will act as the extended network to The Launch Pad. Offering assistance and detailed networks to those interested.


Program Requirements

Mentees in the program will be expected to maintain a set of requirements that help keep the program running smoothly. All participants must meet with a mentor at least 3 times per month. The meet must be documented. Following the meeting, the mentee must submit a feedback form discussing how they engaged with their mentor and what they learned from the meeting. By keeping up with the requirements and participating in the program, mentees will be invited to participate in exclusive workshops to get 1-on-1 live tutorials for specialty programs and software specifically built for startups.

Mentee Application

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Meet The Mentors

Herwig Konings
Fintech Serial Entrepreneur, B.S. Management & Entrepreneurship, Graduated 2015
Chet Montefering
Operator & Entrepreneur, B.A. Industrial Engineering, Graduated 2018
Chris Daniels
Serial Entrepreneur, M.S. Accounting & Finance, Graduated 2018
Jason Barraza
Blockchain Analyst, M.S. Accounting & Finance, Graduated 2021
Connor Masterson
CEO of Mission Ctrl, B.S. Business Law & Finance, Graduated 2017
Veda Cruz
Attorney, JD/MBA, Graduated 2019
Javier Ferrer
Data Analyst, B.S. in Finance & Masters in Business Analytics, Graduated 2020

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